The high-profile Cancer Institute of NSW Big Data Big Impact Grant has been awarded to A/Prof Dan Catchpoole at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. “This is a tremendous achievement and is the product of 12 years of project development”, he said.

Intersect will provide technological assistance. Read more on the project below.

Two international events were recently hosted in Sydney, and in Australia for the first time: the Linked Open Data: Libraries, Archives, Museums (LODLAM) Summit and the Digital Humanities (DH) Conference.  Over half of the 110 summit attendees work in Australian universities and conference delegates numbered 500 from 33 countries. More here.

Image: State Library of New South Wales.


Intersect Training

Since 2012, Intersect has trained over 2,250 people in nine different courses across 219 instances.

Training is free of charge to researchers and students at member institutions. More at:

Image: Jackson Mann, UTS Library

New brochure

Intersect has just released a new corporate brochure 'Research Technology Impact'. The brochure outlines how we help researchers increase their impact through innovative technologies and expert advice.  

Download  here, or if you would like hard copies, contact  your eResearch Analyst. 

Marc Bailey, new CEO of Intersect

Intersect’s Board has appointed Marc Bailey to the position of CEO.  More here.

Marc Bailey at the Intersect Showcase 2014 with, (left to right), Chris Hancock, Luc Betbeder-Matibet, Andrew Powe, Phil McCrea and Kerry Holling.

NSW NeCTAR Research Cloud now online

Intersect has announced the commission of $1.5M delivering 4,500 additional CPU cores to the NeCTAR Research Cloud, (, boosting national capacity to approx. 32,000 cores. Now online and available throughout NSW and Australia, it was launched at Australian Computer Science Week, UWS. More at

a large scale, high performance, collaborative, and cost effective digital storage system specially tailored, designed and constructed by researchers for researchers.

You have data, so we have Space.

More information here


Research impact through eResearch

Intersect is a pivotal part of NSW research infrastructure. We provide robust, innovative and collaborative technology to support the world-class research at our member institutions. Intersect delivers storage and analysis platforms, custom engineering, expert consultation and training programs to thousands of researchers every year.

Services Update

Intersect provides professionally developed and operated services for university members and the wider research community.

Services are targeted at enhancing the capability (skills) and capacity (resources) of institutions, disciplines and research groups.

We've reorganised our service offering to make it easier to understand how you can engage with our team across three phases of the eResearch lifecycle: Planning Research, Conducting Research and Post-Research. 

For more, see or download our brochure here.



We are happy to announce that the Intersect HPC Resource Allocation Round (RAR) 2016 is now open and will close 31/10/2015. The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) Merit Allocation Scheme - 2016 NCMAS Allocation Round is also open and will close 16/10/2015.  

We encourage HPC users who are Intersect members with significant allocation requests (>200 kSU per year) to apply for both the Intersect Resource Allocation Round (RAR) and the NCMAS Round to maximise their chances of getting the time they need to support their research. 

Details of the Intersect HPC RAR round can be found here:
Details of the NCMAS round can be found here:

Scheduled outage NeCTAR and Intersect Time 

The scheduled maintenance has now been successfully completed. All NeCTAR Research Cloud and OwnTime services are now online.

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The following training opportunities are open for enrolment:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 7 Oct 2015: "Cleaning and Exploring your Data with Open Refine" at UNEEnrol now
  • 7 Oct 2015: "Data Visualisation with Google Fusion Tables" at UNEEnrol now
  • 8-9 Oct 2015: "Introduction to Unix for HPC" at UNEEnrol now
  • 9 Oct 2015: "Cleaning and Exploring your Data with Open Refine" at USYD - WestmeadEnrol now
  • 12 Oct 2015: "Excel Fu: Excel For Researchers" at USYD - St LeonardsEnrol now
  • 13 Oct 2015: "Excel Fu: Excel For Researchers" at WSU - CampbelltownEnrol now
  • 14 Oct 2015: "Excel Fu: Excel For Researchers" at UNEEnrol now

For the full training schedule, see the training page.


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