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OwnTime Cloud and NeCTAR Cloud Pricing

Intersect research cloud computing pricing is designed to be as simple and easy to calculate as possible. We charge purely for time consumed by virtual machine 'flavour', that is its performance characteristics. That's it. No I/O thresholds, quotas, caps, network traffic charges*, or other hidden fees that you are probably accustomed to when dealing with non-research global cloud providers.

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List price 
per day 

List price
per day 

M2.Tiny 1 0.7 5 $0.96 $0.26
M2.XSmall 1 2 10 $1.11 $0.54
M2.Small 1 4 30 $1.50 $1.50
M1.Small 1 4 40 $1.64 $1.64
M2.Medium 2 6 30 $2.47 $1.63
M1.Medium 2 8 70 $3.14 $3.14
M2.Large 4 12 110 $5.62 $5.53
M1.Large 4 16 130 $6.14 $6.14
M1.XLarge 8 32 250 $12.14 $12.14
M2.XLarge 12 48 390 $30.87 $30.87
M1.XXLarge 16 64 490 $40.75 $40.75
16Core.Massive 16 125 530 $68.03 $68.03
*Member prices attract 40% discount from List prices

Please note:

  • Disk gigabytes are quoted in binary GB, not decimal GiB. Example: 125 GB = 128 GiB = 128,000 MB.
  • Prices listed are for virtual machine flavours with standard configurations and operating systems.
  • Disk quota includes boot disk plus ephemeral storage.
  • The Suspend feature is useful when you want to save the current state of your virtual machine. It allows you to resume the VM and continue work later from the same state.

‚ÄčDownload a printable PDF.

Standard virtual machine operating system availability:

Scientific Linux
* Custom requirements, including flavours with up to 64 CPUs, are also available at various price points.

Talk to us about other requirements by contacting us at


How are the different VM states charged? 

Virtual Machine state

Charge rate


Build Active Temporary state which will move to Active
Active Active  
Reboot Active Temporary state which will move to Active
Hard reboot Active Temporary state which will move to Active
Rebuild Active Temporary state which will move to Active
Suspended Suspended Still occupies resources
Shutoff Suspended Still occupies resources
Paused Suspended Still occupies resources
Error Suspended Still occupies resources
Deleted No charge No charge
Disclaimer: All prices, terms and conditions described current as of 1st November 2015, quoted in Australian Dollars excluding GST and are subject to change.
* Network traffic to non-AARnet destinations may generate charges outside of Intersect Australia's control