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Research Technology Impact

Intersect is Australia's largest full-service eResearch support agency. We help researchers increase their impact through innovative technologies and expert advice. We work closely with our members and the wider research community to: 

  • Increase research productivity by decreasing time from hypothesis to tested results. 
  • Support research diversity by enabling collaborators to share data and experience across disciplines and across organisations. 
  • Increase research longevity by storing and sharing the long tail of data beyond the research project lifecycle. 


Why Intersect? 

  • We have a track record of working with researchers to deliver eResearch solutions.
  • We understand researchers, our focus is resolving research needs. 
  • We complement your locally delivered IT services. 
  • Your organisation's membership makes it easy for you to access all of our services. 

What do we do? 

Consultancy and advice 

  • We provide expert advice on applying information technologies across the research lifecycle. 
  • We help you build and develop your Research capability. 
  • We assist in scoping your advanced IT needs for grants and other funding proposals. 

Learn more about Consultancy and advice


  • We offer a wide range of eResearch training courses at your organisation. 
  • We develop new courses in response to your needs. 

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Software Engineering 

  • We develop cost effective, research-focused software applications. 
  • We have a track record of over 100 software engineering projects delivered across all research disciplines. 
  • Our team has proven technical capabilities in web and mobile applications. 

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Research Data Management

  • We offer a collaborative and cost effective storage system by researchers for researchers. 
  • We help you securely store and manage your research data at scale. 
  • ​We support your research collaborations with high performance. 

Learn more about Research Data Management. 

Research Computing

  • We provide state-of-the-art big computing platforms. 
  • Researchers can select cloud, cluster or high performance computing. 
  • We can host and manage your research applications. 

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Data Services

  • We are leading the development of new domain-based data services in the health and medical research areas. 
  • We are participating in other data services in genomics, imaging and humanities. 
  • We foster data communities across disciplines. 


Quick facts

  • Established in 2008 by the seven founding NSW universities
  • Not-for-profit company
  • Owned by its members: universities and research institutions
  • Funded through member subscriptions, engineering income
  • Supported by Commonwealth and State government investments.

Intersect works closely with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Australian Research and Education Network (AREN) and NeCTAR (National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources). Intersect is a member of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI),  AeRO, Australian eResearch Organisations and the Australian Access Federation (AAF).