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Intersect is Australia's largest full-service eResearch support agency. We work closely with the research sector of NSW, including universities and public and private sector agencies.

Our portfolio of activities is designed to achieve our mission:

to realise research impact through technology


Underpinning Intersect’s activities are these guiding principles. Intersect should:

  • provide high value for members and customers, demonstrate excellence on a global scale, and be sustainable
  • enable new research,
  • enable new research methodologies and collaborations,
  • support research of high impact and strategic value,
  • enable a greater level of eResearch capability in members,
  • partner with organisations with relevant capabilities,
  • partner in member’s research endeavours, and
  • provide services that are not practically provided by the market or other suppliers and introduce new eResearch technologies of value.


Intersect works closely with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Australian Research and Education Network (AREN) and NeCTAR (National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources). Intersect is a member of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI),  AeRO, Australian eResearch Organisations and the Australian Access Federation (AAF).

Quick facts

  • Established in 2008 by the seven founding NSW universities
  • Not-for-profit company
  • Owned by its members: universities and research institutions
  • Funded through member subscriptions, engineering income
  • Supported by Commonwealth and State government investments.