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Clinical Assessment and Schizophrenia

22 February 2016
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Medical and healthcare professionals and scientists in the Schizophrenia Research Institute at University of Newcastle need to be able to call up information quickly to support their research and study participants’ wellbeing.  Intersect has been working with the research group behind the Schizophrenia Research Bank to realise that aim through the development of a clinical assessment system, the ASRB database.  The system enables health professionals to assess study participants’ wellbeing in situ and later on upload that information in the portal.  

The ASRB web portal was developed to provide researchers with a secure environment for collecting and storing research data.  The system has fine-grained and flexible security, enabling controlled online access. This is a central data archive for the entry, upload and download of clinical assessments, MRI brain scans and management of genetic blood samples of ASRB participants.  Manual tasks and workloads have been streamlined, which has aided the research process and clinical assessments, and ultimately assists with finding ways to better treat and prevent schizophrenia.