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Tracking Medical Records

22 February 2016
Newborn Examination 1967

The Australian Institute for Health Innovation conducts research into healthcare received by Australians through CareTrack Australia.  In 2015, Intersect expanded the functions of a system created for CareTrack back in 2011 that will assist in the CareTrack for Kids research project.  The new system module developed captures information about adverse health events.  The health event information is placed in context with the health conditions and indicators information to further aid the assessment of care.      

The CareTrack system (a web based tool) aids the research team to track medical records of participants with known medical conditions across multiple healthcare providers, analysing care and treatment.  

Patient privacy is safeguarded in the system, and researchers enter data accessed from a variety of sources including hospitals, general practice, medical specialists and psychologists.  Through this data capture and analysis process researchers are able to assess the effectiveness of treatment in various health and medical environments.  Algorithms have been designed to guide users to enter data specific to the healthcare setting, patient demographics and clinical condition.