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Experienced Software Engineer

Intersect is a pivotal part of Australian research infrastructure.  We provide robust, innovative and collaborative technology to support world-class research at member universities and other organisations.  Intersect delivers storage and compute platforms, application products, data services, custom engineering, expert consultation and training programs to thousands of researchers every year.  

The Software Engineer role is an exciting and challenging role. The successful candidate will join our small team to design, construction and support software solutions that will enable our customers and researchers to undertake and deliver research outputs more efficiently by using technology to enhance productivity.  

This position requires a flexible individual with strong technical expertise, a drive to deliver high quality outputs.  We are seeking an individual with a history of successful delivery in a team environment and excellent communication skills.

Core Responsibilities

The specific requirements will vary from project to project, but the core responsibilities are as follows:

  • Design and develop code according to the project specifications;

  • Use test driven development (TDD) to develop integration and/or unit level tests;

  • Identify, review and assess technology, services and systems relevant to each project;

  • Build prototypes to test concepts and/or prove design and technology requirements;

  • Analyse and profile systems to determine problem areas and deliver solutions;

  • Contribute to the system and services documentations for both users and developers;

  • Comply with engineering and project management procedures and processes;

  • other tasks as directed.

Qualifications / Industry Experience / Specific Knowledge or Skills


  • Tertiary qualifications in Computer Science or equivalent;

  • At least 2 years software engineering experience;

  • An understanding of the software development life cycle and Agile development methods;

  • Ability to contribute to project design, analysis, specification and implementation;

  • Experience with Java, Php, Ruby on Rails and object oriented programming;

  • Some web services knowledge – definition, configuration, deployment and security;

  • Knowledge of web-related technologies and standards such as SOAP/REST/XML/JSON;

  • Knowledge of software testing procedures and experience with unit testing;

  • Excellent verbal and written presentation skills.


  • Knowledge of software project issue tracking and reporting systems;

  • Experience with multiple languages and environments such as C, C++, Python, Javascript, Groovy, Eclipse, RubyMine;

  • Experience with Linux;

  • Knowledge of user interface design;

  • Familiarity with relational database design and implementation (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySql);

  • Knowledge and experience of Shibboleth/SAML federated identity solutions;

  • Exposure to object-relational mapping tools;

  • Understanding of DevOps processes and tools;

  • Knowledge of internet security concepts.

Key Competencies

  • Self motivated, energetic and robust;

  • Team player;

  • Lateral thinker and innovative in approach;

  • Excellent troubleshooting/problem solving ability;

  • Willing to learn new languages/concepts and share them with the team;

  • Ability to work independently with initiative and degree of autonomy, given broad direction;

  • Ethical in all aspects of professional life.


  • Reports to Intersect’s Engineering Manager;

  • Works closely with the Software Engineering Team and other project members;

  • Liaises with other technical staff – ie testers, system administrators, etc;

  • Liaises with internal and external stakeholders, including project managers, researchers, university and government representatives.