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Intersect 2018 HPC Resource Allocation Open

The 2018 Intersect HPC Resource Allocation Call for Applications is now open. Applications close Friday 24 November 2017.


Important Dates

3 Nov 2017

Applications open

24 Nov 2017

Applications close (5:00pm AEDT)

15 Dec 2017

Outcomes announced



Application Instructions

The 2018 Intersect HPC Resource Allocation  application process for new projects (and applicants) requires two distinct steps:

  1. Registration of your project team and your project. This step is completed on the NCI website. ;

  2. Completion of a detailed merit application for your project. This step is completed via an online Intersect application form.

The initial registration step is not required for established projects.

New Applicants/Projects
  1. An applicant without an NCI account should first register for an NCI user account at

  2. Start the application process – use the "Propose a project" link on your home page to submit a brief proposal and register the project for Intersect. Select "Intersect" as the resourcing scheme. These steps will register your new project.

  3. Complete and submit the merit proposal for your project at (Important: this step must be completed to finalise your application.)

Existing Projects

Applicants who wish to resource an existing project should:

  1. Update their personal and career profiles and project memberships at;

  2. Complete the merit application for the project at (Important: this step must be completed to finalise your application.)

When to use

  • To register for a new user account, add a new project, and add or remove project members.

  • To update personal details.

When to use

  • To complete your 2018 Intersect HPC proposal,

  • To submit your proposal.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Intersect HPC Resource Allocation Round 2018 is 17:00 (5pm) AEDT Friday 24, November 2017.



HPC Facilities

The total computing resources available through the 2018 Intersect HPC Resource Allocation Round are summarised in the following table.


Computing Time (KSU*)

NCI: Raijin (Fujitsu/SandyBridge and Lenovo/Broadwell)



* All references to computational resources in Intersect HPC resource allocation round for 2018 will be in units of kilo-service-units; 1 KSU = 1000 service units (SU).  



Allocation Criteria

Projects from each Intersect member university will be allocated from a pre-agreed resource pool that has been negotiated between Intersect and the member university. The Intersect Resource Allocation Committee will evaluate the projects and determine the allocation for individual projects taking into factors such as research project quality, feasibility, impact,  investigator track record, and support from the member university.  



Getting Help

If you have further questions about the 2018 Intersect HPC resource allocation round, please contact us via email addressed to