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Courses Offered

Intersect currently offers courses on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Unix for HPC (HPC for Wimps): This one and a half day course introduces attendees to using Unix for our HPC computing facilities. It is aimed at researchers and PhD students who have not used or have had only limited exposure high performance computing. For further information please consult the course outline.
  • Intermediate HPC (HPC for the CLUEy): This half day course introduces attendees to our HPC computing facilities and is aimed at those with Command Line Unix Experience. It is targeted at participants who want to learn how to manage jobs the HPC machine using PBSPro and understand the architecture of the HPC machine, the layout of the disk partitions, and when to use the machine. For further information please consult the course outline.
  • Parallel Programming for HPC (Advanced): This half day course introduces different parallel programming methods. OpenMP as a wide-spread method for a shared memory programming model and MPI as the standard for a distributed memory programming model are discussed. It is targeted at C and Fortran programmers. For further information please consult the course outline.
  • Cleaning & Exploring your data with Open Refine: This three hour workshop introduces Open Refine which is a powerful tool for cleaning, normalisation and exploration of datasets. Attendees will work through the various features of Refine, including importing data, faceting, clustering, and calling into remote APIs, by working on a fictional but plausible humanities research project. For further information please consult the course outline.
  • Data Visualisation with Google Fusion Tables: This two hour workshop introduces Google Fusion Tables and uses a practical example whereby participants create a "heat map" of NSW highlighting crime hotspots by drawing together geospatial data containing Local Government Area (LGA) boundaries together with NSW Crime statistics to illustrate the power of Fusion Tables. For further information please consult the course outline.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: This half-day workshop comprises of a series of hands-on exercises and slide-based background material. Attendees will leave with two key skills – how to cast their research problem as a machine learning problem, and how to determine an appropriate evaluation technique that is relevant to their research goals. For further information please consult the course outline
  • NCI Changeover (Vayu - Raijin) - HPC users course: This four hour workshop day course introduces attendees to introduces the NCI's (National Computational Infrastructure) new high performance computing (HPC) machine - Raijin. It covers the basic user instructions how to work successfully with Raijin and is useful for both new users as well as for users who used the previous system, Vayu. For further information please consult the course slides.


Training Sessions

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Access to Course Resources

You can download our course resources for self-paced study, ongoing reference, or to help determine if a course is right for you.


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