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Data Archiving

What service is available? is a platform developed by Intersect to support the management of research and data archiving. 

DeepSpace is a storage solution for researchers requiring long-term or archival storage of datasets. It is ideally suited for large amounts of data, and complete or published datasets that are accessed infrequently. 

Features of DeepSpace include: 

  • Transfer of data via the high-speed AARNet optical fibre network (with no ingress or egress charges between AARNet destinations). 
  • Ability to scale to petabytes of storage. 
  • Secure and control access to data using a researcher's organisation login and password.
  • Transfer of data is secure using AES-128 encryption, with the confidence that your data remains private over the wire.
  • Data is securely held in Tier 3 datacentre locations in Sydney, with the highest levels of accredited security, availability and reliability, with three copies stored on tape. 

The DeepSpace Product Brochure can be found here.  


Who can access the service?

DeepSpace is available for use by researchers from any Intersect member organisation. 

For people and organisations outside of the Intersect membership, please contact us at  


How do I access the service?  

To access DeepSpace, contact the Intersect eResearch Analyst at your institution for advice on getting started, or contact Intersect at:  


What costs are involved?

Information on Space charges is available here.