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Energy: Big Service

We are here to add our human Energy to your research. We improve researcher productivity with research computing solutions. Our eResearch Analysts support research at your organisation, providing expertise in data storage and management, HPC and cloud computing, IT planning and grants. Our software engineers develop tools, mobile and web applications to help researchers share and collaborate. Our trainers teach researchtailored technology courses. 

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Research lifecycle

Intersect offers professionally developed and operated services for its members and the wider research community. Services are targeted at enhancing the capability (skills) and capacity (resources) of institutions, disciplines and research groups.

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance is an optional service available for software built or implemented by Intersect Australia (and other software by special agreement). It enables you to be condent of proactively maintaining a secure and supported level of underlying technology, as well as be assured of software fixes as they are needed. Download a brochure here


Intersect partners to deliver products and services for researchers: