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2017 News

20 December 2017

Exciting news... from 15 January 2018 we are moving our headquarters to GravityCoworking. We now offer our members the kind of facilities a modern tech company does, along with contemporary ergonomics and design aesthetic, elastic ability to grow, and great meeting spaces for our teams.

50 Carrington Street
11 January 2017

Intersect has secured renewed project commitment from NCRIS-funded Research Data Services ( for ongoing and other health and medical related projects.

10 January 2017

We're very pleased to announce that In 2016Q4 Dr Weisi Chen was promoted to Intersect eResearch Analyst at the University of Technology Sydney as we continue to engage more broadly together.

03 January 2017

After more than a year in concept development, Intersect executed a $195k contract variation in 2016Q4 with Research Data Services ( within its Big Data Movement flagship initiative to create a national Mediaflux service.