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Over the past six years Intersect has completed more than 100 engagements varying in size from a few days work to several person years. We work across a broad range of IT service categories including project management, analysis, architecture, solution design, and software development.

We have significant expertise in establishing collaborative projects with university, industry and government agency partners and in developing analytical tools to access, share, analyse and reuse data across diverse portfolios. Areas include:

  • Health and Medical: private data and health record linkage systems, genomic analytical tools, modelling of health system efficiency, disease databases;
  • Environment: State wide reporting and local climate modelling;
  • Built environment: development of major public building cost tracking and visualisation tools;
  • Legal databases access tools - establishment of smartphone mobile application for access to the AUSTLII database;
  • Facility location and access - establishment of tools that assist access high-end scientific instrumentation located in NSW and nationally;
  • Virtual laboratories - complex systems allowing large scale curation, high-end analysis and collaboration across multiple data sets, disparate users and providers.

The outputs of our projects are running on a variety of platforms including desktop, web solutions, cloud, mobile and high performance computing.

To accomplish this we have built a team that includes project managers, business analysts, software engineers, user interface designers and test engineers.

Strategies for software reuse

Software reuse, that is, “the use of existing software or software knowledge to create new software” is and has been a critical part of Intersect’s software engineering process and is essential to ensuring that we deliver efficient, low cost and maintainable solutions.

Some of our projects such as the MeCAT and NSW TARDIS (DC2C) are based on the Tardis, the Microbial Imaging Facility (DC18A) is based on ReDBox and the software reuse is obvious. In the remainder of our projects a substantial proportion of our software is reused code from third party libraries or from Intersect’s growing repository of source code including from our libraries. Intersect actively encourages members to use and reuse our software, the vast majority of which is open source. We also encourage members      and others to use and contribute to projects.

Creating and Linking Communities

We actively seek to broaden the stakeholder base at the start of projects and link development communities. The objective of this activity is to provide a better understanding of opportunities for reuse and more sustainable funding.

Promoting software

Intersect make public information on our completed projects and is making this more widely available to encourage higher reuse of these technologies. In addition we will establish NeCTAR virtual machines of completed projects to help potential users to get a “real experience” of the solution.

We believe these strategies will benefit our members and the eResearch community in Australian and consequently aid Intersect’s vision to improve research. There will be changes in some of our processes, but there are two things that will not change:

  • We will continue to have a primary focus on the customer and, in particular, on understanding their needs and working with them to develop solutions that meet those needs
  • We will continue to deliver high quality solutions through the utilisation of solid, professional software engineering practices.

Projects List

Here is a selection of Intersect's projects:

A showreel highlighting Intersect's projects can be viewed here