Your place in Space

Ready-made web environment for people to collaborate on research data and metadata. Enables distributed groups to share, manipulate, curate and manage any type of data. Suitable for non-IT people, requiring minimal administration.

What is SpaceBase?

SpaceBase is built with MediaFlux, a technology set for moving, managing and sharing research data.  It delivers a standard way to provide self service and manageable projects to all RDS Nodes, nationally federated authentication (including for Nodes that don’t use AAF), as well as ANDS DOI minting for citable URLS to immutable data under management. Mediaflux itself is a renown research data management system that is well adopted with the research sector and offers a mainstream data and research oriented installed base. 

Key Differentiators At a Glance

A project researcher (collection owner) is able to;

  • Upload data to their collection through a variety of methods including website interaction, SFTP, API methods and MediaFlux clients.
  • Assign a metadata schema for their collection and enter metadata at the collection, sub-collection (i.e. folder) and – crucially –  item (i.e. file) level.
  • Designate sharing and collaboration permissions with other nominated researchers or mark their collection as having open access. These nominated collaborators and researchers are then able to upload and share data according to their permission level, in addition to being able to update metadata.

How do I get started with SpaceBase?

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