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Attribution Policy

Attributing Intersect


Identifying and quantifying where Intersect has assisted research and other activities

1.    Background

Intersect Australia Ltd is a company owned by its members, the universities of NSW, and is in the business of providing eResearch services and solutions to its members.

Intersect’s value to its members is linked to the quality and quantity of research output enabled by its activities.

In many cases, research outputs assisted by Intersect’s activities are not visible to Intersect. As part of an attempt to track our output and impact, we would like to be attributed in various forms where Intersect activities contributed to the work. Standard forms of attribution make it much easier for us to search for and track such outputs, relieving everyone of the overhead of maintaining lists and databases.

This document describes some of the situations where such attribution is requested, and what form it should take. There will of course be other situations outside of these cases where Intersect activities contributed to a research output. We would still like to be attributed in a relevant and appropriate fashion and in this case, please contact us to discuss.

2.    Branding and logos

Intersect branding and logos can be used only with permission. Generally, permission will be granted, however we would like to keep a list of where such permission is granted. Intersect’s branding guidelines and artwork is available by contacting the Intersect office..

3.    Attribution in published work

If Intersect resources were used as part of the work, we would like one of the following phrases, which ever is the most relevant, included in the text of the work:

“[XXX] resources used in this work were provided by Intersect Australia Ltd”,
where XXX = computational, data storage, …


“[XXX] services used in this work were provided by Intersect Australia Ltd”,
where XXX = …

4.    Web sites

4.1.    Intersect Branding

Where Intersect produces a web site, or web based application we would like to enable the following:

•    Include a Intersect logo icon in an unobtrusive place at the bottom of the page,
•    Link from that logo to the Intersect web site, and
•    Use that mechanism to allow us to gather usage statistics

Details and scripts etc to implement this will be provided by Intersect.

If, for important aesthetic or security reasons, this is not possible then we would be happy to discuss alternatives.

5.    Application software

In the case where Intersect develops, or largely develops application software, we would like to be attributed under the “About” pop up menu.

We would also like to identify how many copies of the software are downloaded and installed. The best method for achieving this will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

6.    Source code

Intersect source code is usually released under an open source licence. The exact terms and conditions of that licence will vary depending on the project, the client and the open source licence conditions of other software used in the project.

In general, Intersect will have retained copyright in the source even if you have a right to use, modify or redistribute that source code.

Please ensure that you are aware of the licence terms and conditions applicable to any Intersect source code you may be using, and ensure that any relevant copyright notices remain attached.

7.    Material from Intersect documents

If you use material from an Intersect document, and you feel attribution is relevant and appropriate, please include at least the following text: “[author], Intersect Australia Ltd”

If you wish to cite an Intersect document, please include the phrase “Intersect Australia Ltd” in the reference.